Car Accidents


Car accidents can leave you out of work, out of a vehicle, and possibly unable to enjoy your life or support your family as you once did prior to the accident. Receiving funds quickly can ease the burden of dealing with the repercussions of a car accident.

Repercussions can be used:

• To offset medical expenses

• To cover lost wages

• As compensation for pain and suffering

A Proven Track Record in Car Accident Cases


Consistent Track Record


Over 30 Years of Experience


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Montoya Law Offices’ consistent success for substantial retribution is achieved through case expertise, past experiences, hiring expert witnesses, and taking any means necessary to further prove our position in court. We will go above and beyond to achieve the best-suited outcome for your situation. We often work closely with economic analysts and other expert witnesses to validate and prove your side of the story. Many law firms are quick to throw in the towel and attempt to settle outside of court. If our legal team has determined that your case qualifies for more than what we are offered, we are prepared to take the fight to the courtroom and prosecute your case with all the resources we need to win.

We don’t get paid unless you do.

Be made whole again.  Be compensated for your pain and suffering, your diminished quality of life and the limitations imposed upon you by your injuries, your medical expenses, your lost wages and your inability to earn the future income you would have otherwise been likely to earn.  Get back to living and loving the life you knew with those you love.

"Gil helped our family through a difficult period after our son was injured in an auto accident. He also got my son $425,000."

Roxanne Dominguez

"Gil Montoya is talented and tenacious. He may be an officer of the court, but he is a gangster in the ring and on the mat."

Dune "BANG" Ludwig

Former K-1 World Kickboxing Champ & MMA Coach of the year

"I was hit by a skidding car on a snowy day while scraping my windshield of ice. Gil got me insurance policy limits of $300,000 before I had even been released from the hospital."

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